Watch Tatsuya Fukuhara vs. Chayaphon Moonsri Live Stream Online TV

Watch Tatsuya Fukuhara vs. Chayaphon Moonsri Live Stream Online TV

Tatsuya Fukuhara vs. Chayaphon Moonsri

There was a sentiment of pending vexed noticeable all around as the taller lefty Tatsuya Fukuhara as often as possible got off first against occupant champion Wanheng Menayothin at an early stage.

Menayothin, in his eighth protection of the WBC strawweight title and very nearly that praised 49-0 mark that Floyd Mayweather ballyhooed and has since surpassed, was much of the time met punch for punch and even outpunched by his challenger, who now and again influenced him to seem more seasoned than his 32 years old.

Menayothin at last got the choice, by the preposterous count of 118-110 on one card and the more sensible 116-112 and 117-113 on the other two cards Saturday in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, however looked precarious in doing as such.

Indeed, even as Fukuhara started a great part of the activity, he was unfit to get the opportunity to be vindicated on the cards, trailing 40-37 on one card and 39-36 on the other two as indicated by open scoring after four rounds. Menayothin discovered better achievement in the center rounds, venturing around the on-charging Fukuhara (19-6-6, 7 knockouts) to arrive his straight rights, which drew cheers with each landed or missed endeavor, however Fukuhara stayed with Menayothin at every turn, slamming both to the head and body looking for an impossible street win.

The success moves Menayothin to 49-0 (17 KOs), getting the Thai-conceived Chayaphon Moonsri to the imprint that Rocky Marciano had once set as the standard for unbeaten achievement, however Fukuhara may have uncovered a weakness in the 10-year master.

Fukuhara, 28 has now lost two straight subsequent to dropping a nearby choice to Ryuya Yamanaka for the WBO strawweight title in August in Japan.

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