Ring Of Honour G1 Supercard 2019 Live Stream: April 6

Ring Of Honour G1 Supercard 2019 Live Stream: April 6
Ring Of Honour G1 Supercard 2019 Live Stream: April 6

Watch Ring Of Honour G1 Supercard 2019 Live Stream: April 6

The Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Supercard show going during this time at Madison Square Garden is one of the greatest occasions in the realm of wrestling, or something else.

G1 Supercard is an upcoming professional wrestling supershow co-produced by the American Ring of Honor (ROH) and Japanese New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) promotions. It will be the 13th annual Supercard of Honor event and it will take place on April 6, 2019, at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. The event will be streamed live on Honor Club, New Japan Pro-Wrestling World, FITE TV, and broadcast live on traditional pay-per-view outlets.

The card features 11 matches.[1] Both the IWGP Heavyweight Championship and ROH World Championship will be defended on the card, as IWGP Champion Jay White will defend against New Japan Cup winner Kazuchika Okada, while Survival of the Fittest winner Marty Scurll and Matt Taven will wrestle for the ROH World Title against champion Jay Lethal in a ladder match. The event’s undercard will see two Winner Take All matches between NJPW and ROH champions, and UK partner promotion Revolution Pro Wrestling (RPW) will have its top title – the British Heavyweight Championship – defended as well.

MSG has held the absolute biggest and most persuasive shows in wrestling history, and ROH and NJPW are set to put on a demonstrate that wrestling fans won’t before long overlook. At the highest point of this notable card is the Triple Threat Ladder Match between Ring of Honor World Champion, Jay Lethal, Matt Taven and Marty Scurll.

Deadly is in fact the longest-authoritative ROH World Champion due to joined days, yet its a refinement Taven will not perceive. Taven, who drives the group The Kingdom, has taken Lethal as far as possible on different events. He about caught the title at the ongoing ROH seventeenth Anniversary appear after the two wrestled to an hour long time limit draw.

Taven views himself as the genuine ROH World Champion and he strolls into MSG to concrete his spot on of the advancement.

Newsweek got an opportunity to converse with Matt Taven in front of his title coordinate this Saturday where he talked about his competition with Jay Lethal, and what his future as ROH Champion would look like for him and The Kingdom.

You have a major match coming up this Saturday. How are you feeling?

I feel entirely great. I’m as loose as I could be realizing that I’m going to feature MSG, which is where I needed to be in the headliner since I was a tyke. It’s hard not to feel somewhat wired with expectation and nervousness. You simply need to have it now and quit pondering it. With that common inclination put aside, I feel better and loosened up going into this. It sort of bodes well since I’m the genuine Ring of Honor champion in any case.

Is it reasonable for state this is your greatest match of your vocation?

That is reasonable for state. I did the Anniversary appear in Arena de Mexico this year, which was an entirely enormous house. Yet, there’s not at all like the inheritance of Madison Square Garden and like I stated, I’ve been a long lasting wrestling fan. Such a large number of recollections of my being a fan and youth occurred in MSG. To get in there to see the rooftop will give me a few goosebumps, yet I have a jazzed grin all over, an anxious, nail-gnawing feeling.

When will the inclination that you’re wrestling at MSG sink in?

You feel it a smidgen, yet I don’t think it’ll truly soak in until you begin strolling the corridors of MSG. Particularly that rooftop. I’m a goliath b-ball fan, and experiencing childhood during the 90s such a large number of things occurred at MSG. You think about the Knicks and the Bulls playing, whenever the Celtics would go there. The rooftop and lighting. It will be really dreamlike to gaze toward that roof.

You have a long history with Jay Lethal, what’s this quarrel intend to you?

There are those competitions that live everlastingly, the contentions you want to see. Furthermore, me and Jay have gradually turned out to be one of those quarrels from being in TV title matches to my supervisor Truth Martini being his chief. To the pen matches, hour long time limit draws. What’s more, presently to have a match at Madison Square Garden. What else do you have to concrete a competition?


Somebody sent me a measurement a day or two ago. We are 4-4-2 against one another, which I believe is simply nuts. We have this even record against one another. Jay has that one thing that I feel I’m qualified for and that I am at this moment, with the exception of the record books don’t demonstrate that. On the off chance that you take a gander at my vocation and every one of the things that I’ve done, I like to carve my names in specific achievements. Being the main individual to hold titles in CMLL, New Japan and ROH. Being one of the main outsiders to hold a title in NJPW to holding the NWA Welterweight title in CMLL. Having the longest TV Title rule at the time. One win away to turning into a terrific hammer champion at Ring of Honor. Jay doesn’t have the title that I need, since I trust he crushed that title, yet he has the name that I need. I need all the “Melvins” to acknowledge who the genuine Ring of Honor Champion is.

So we have you and Jay, however there’s an awkward extra person wheel to this story. What is your opinion about Marty and what he conveys to the match

Discussion about an unnecessary extra person wheel.

Individuals need to state Marty is the special case, yet he isn’t on the grounds that it’s a stepping stool coordinate. The stepping stool is the trump card. Anything can occur in a match of this configuration, so whether it’s simply me and Jay, me and Marty, Jay and Marty it doesn’t make a difference since it’s an unusual match all in all. It’s sort of why I feel so laid back on the grounds that you can’t have a lot of an approach since you don’t have the foggiest idea what will occur. You simply must be set up for the unforeseen.

Jay holds the title, and Marty has his affiliations. Be that as it may, do you feel individuals are neglecting you in this match?

Anybody that would state that I’m being disregarded is somebody that doesn’t watch the item. All you would need to do is watch the previous nine months of my profession, particularly this year to perceive any reason why I’ve earned this title opportunity and why I am in the headliner of Ring of Honor’s greatest show of the year. It’s a unique little something that I don’t care at all about, yet on the off chance that anybody needs to state that perhaps they ought to really take a seat, observe some Ring of Honor TV and escape their mother’s storm cellar.

What changes with you as ROH champion?

lethal, taven,scurll
lethal, taven,scurll

The main thing that will change is that horrendous bit of tin that Jay Lethal is strolling around with. I will reestablish the ROH World Title to something lovely, renowned, something that is fit for a lord. Something like the belt Jay Lethal crushed. That just methods we will get a second form of that, with the goal that implies overhauls. When it ends up authority that Matt Taven is the Ring of Honor World Champion, that will be my absolute first act. What’s more, that is reestablishing the notoriety of the ROH World Title.

You’re going to keep that purple lash right?

That is to say, I’m not going to give away every one of the key to the hot sauce.

After MSG what’s the following stage for the Kingdom?

I generally hope to set records. Also, I don’t trust Jay Lethal is the longest-dominant ROH title holder in light of the fact that the most recent nine months have been a fake. I need to beat the real record held by Samoa Joe and become the longest-dominant ROH World Champion.

In the meantime, I do in any case trust the Kingdom is the best trio on earth. Also, any individual who needs to venture up to the plate, we can demonstrate that. The way that those six-man titles aren’t around our midsection right currently is an unfairness and is something we should address sooner rather than later.

Okay give Jay Lethal a rematch?

I’m a man that discussed a connivance for a decent eighteen months since time regarded conventions in wrestling weren’t being complied with. So a man of my statement, as am I, I will do precisely what champions should do and give the previous boss his rematch since I dread no Jay Lethal. That is no issue. I’ll give that paper champion his rematch just to set my name as Matt Taven, the genuine Ring of Honor World Champion.

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