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Airing studio appears from the Super Bowl’s host city is a respected custom, one that has been finished by everything from radio shows to SportsCenter to Whitlock’s House Party By The Bay. Those different shows were either football-engaged or general games, however; FS1 is making an alternate move this year, declaring Monday that one of the numerous shows they’ll have broadcasting live from Houston for Super Bowl Week will be NASCAR Race Hub.

Not exactly multi month before the Daytona 500, NASCAR’s “Super Bowl,” FS1’s NASCAR RACE HUB takes the show to Houston, site of Super Bowl LI, in the week driving into FOX’s live communicated of the defining moment.

In the days going before FOX’s live communicated of Super Bowl LI (Sunday, Feb. 5 at 6:30 PM ET), NASCAR RACE HUB, NASCAR’s most-observed day by day news and data program, pretense live from Discovery Green in Houston Monday, Jan. 30-Thursday, Feb. 2 (6:00 PM ET on FS1). Co-has Adam Alexander and Danielle Trotta grapple the one-hour program live from the FOX Sports Super Bowl set close by expert Larry McReynolds. The trio welcome an assortment of investigators and extraordinary visitors from the NASCAR world consistently, including FOX NASCAR expert Jeff Gordon (Thursday) and 2016 DAYTONA 500 victor Denny Hamlin (Tuesday). A few extra visitors will be reported sooner rather than later.

All things considered, alright at that point. We don’t have a full rundown of what different shows will communicate live from Houston (Katie Nolan has reported that Garbage Time will do every day appears there once more, yet not a considerable measure else is affirmed up until this point), but rather it appears to be likely that NASCAR Race Hub might be the most uncommon one. It bodes well, particularly from a visitor point of view; a great part of the games and excitement world dives on the Super Bowl city with the aim of doing a few appearances and meetings (a major piece of why such a significant number of shows choose to communicate live from the Super Bowl), and there will absolutely be some NASCAR individuals there.

This likewise presumably bodes well for Fox from a coordinations and creation viewpoint. The expense of taking any show out and about is significantly less broad when you have an entire group of different shows likewise communicating from that area, similar to never again making a set or foundation only for a certain something. It’s additionally conceivable that a few people who ordinarily take a shot at NASCAR Race Hub may have had other Fox obligations conveying them to Houston, so this could work out for them from that edge as well.

That discharge makes them intrigue notes on how Race Hub is getting along generally, as well. They refer to Nielsen look into that 2016 saw them up seven percent in all out viewership to 144,000, in front of 2015’s 134,000. 144,000? Hello, that is in front of the unendingly advanced Undisputed (which they as of late boasted around 122,000 watchers for, beating SportsCenter on ESPN2). Race Hub doesn’t really start a huge amount of media dialog, however it’s certainly discovered a quite predictable crowd, and it’s outlived the majority of Fox’s different endeavors to dispatch sport-particular studio appears. They have other on-area scenes from group shops concentrating on various producers one week from now, as well; Chevrolet on Jan. 23 (Race Hub’s season debut), Toyota on Jan. 24 and Ford on Jan. 26. Super Bowl appears for Race Hub do appear somewhat odd, however there are conceivable explanations behind them, and they ought to be fine; they’re additionally a decent reason to talk about Fox’s principle remaining game particular show, which is unobtrusively finding real success.

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