Atlanta Falcons vs Philadelphia Eagles 2018 live results: Score updates news and highlights

Falcons vs. Eagles 2018 live results
Falcons vs. Eagles 2018 live results

Falcons vs. Eagles 2018 live results: Score updates and highlights

Even while not Carson Wentz, the Eagles hung on for a 15-10 win.


The Divisional spherical kicks off with our most craniate pairing of the playoffs: the Falcons and also the Eagles. Atlanta was favored on the road, however, the city was the No. one seed for a reason. The Eagles won, 15-10, and square measure moving on to the NFC Championship.Final score: Eagles fifteen, Falcons 10

Eagles 15, Falcons 10: that the Falcons get to the red zone and had their probabilities to win…

and they couldn’t tumble done.

The Eagles suspend on to win and they’ll host either the Saints or the Vikings next week within the NFC Championship.

Eagles 15, Falcons 10: The Falcons have found some life.

On third-and-6, Matt Ryan barely avoided a sack and located Mohamed Sanu for a primary down:

The Falcons are attempting to … fowl this streak up:

Eagles 15, Falcons 10: The Falcons (surprise) punted, however before we have a tendency to may go to sleep, the Eagles came up with Brobdingnagian plays on succeeding third downs. An aerial from Nick Foles to Jay Ajayi picked up thirty-three yards:

Then Zach Ertz gained eleven yards on third-and-7 to stay the drive going.

The Falcons clamped down within the red zone, however. On fourth-and-1 at the 3-yard line, the Eagles long-faced a choice: get the points or try and get the touchdown and doubtless place the sport out of reach.

After a (wasted) timeout, they opted to travel for the sphere goal, stretching their cause 5 points.

Nick Foles has had a powerful last half — although he’s been living on a gentle diet of slants and screens. He ought to additionally impact the play of his OL, that has unbroken him upright.

Third quarter: Eagles twelve, Falcons 10
Eagles 12, Falcons 10: It gave the impression of another drive was destined to finish in an exceeding punt, however, Nick Foles wakened at the middle. He found Alshon Jeffery on third down so connected with Zach Ertz and Torrey Smith for 2 additional. Jay Ajayi’s drop on third down came upon Jake Elliott’s 37-yard field goal, that gave the Eagles the lead back right.

Right because the quarter terminated, Matt Ryan was ravaged by Rodney McLeod on a security blitz on 1st down.

The Eagles need to hold on an added quarter to stay this spectacular streak alive:

Falcons 10, Eagles 9: A four-minute drive for the Falcons terminated up an equivalent approach each drive during this 0.5 has: with a punt. Tevin Coleman is averaging seven.8 yards per carrying, that the Falcons would possibly wish to stay feeding him.

Falcons 10, Eagles 9: The Falcons went three-and-out to start out the last half, thanks partially to 2 things:


2) the basketball-like tip Jalen Mills created on Matt Ryan’s third-down throw.

But then the Eagles answered right back with their own three-and-out

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